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Chickasaw National Recreation Area

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This trip to Oklahoma, I decided to see things that I have not seen from the previous trips, with a few exceptions because of new exhibits. This was one of the new places for me.

The Chickasaw Nat'l Rec. Area is under the national park system. It has a number springs in the area. There is a strong smell of sulfur where one of the artisian wells are in the park, and when I drove by it the first night, I thought someone had cut the cheese in the car. That's true, but kidding aside, this place was wonderful.

This is the peaceful Antelope Springs; a short walk down a nature trial from the visitor center.

And nearby is Buffalo Spring.

I dipped my cup into Buffalo Spring and took a drink. It was good, but the mineral content of the water left a permanent ring around my tin reenactor's cup. There are CO2 bubbles coming up in the spring, and I could not find an explanation or source for it. This area is sacred to the Chickasaw, and I can see why.

In town was an artesian well in a park. It has a spout coming off the side, and I stuck my arm under it for a bit. It cured the poison ivy rash I had on my arm!
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