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Cherokee cultural center

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This will be one of many of my blogs the next few weeks about what I saw in Oklahoma. This is the Cherokee Cultural Center and Village in Park Hill, Oklahoma. It has been here since 1967. It is well worth a visit. The museum has exhibits with audio recordings in both English and Cherokee.

Check out the museum with some really good displays, and then see the village. Interpreters take you through a village as it was in the 18th century. Or maybe around the time of European contact; I am not sure. But in the traditional town setting. You can see many things common to the Creek Seminole Culture, and other differences. For example, the council house and outside square Ground have seven sides, representing the present seven clans of the Cherokee. Below: The council house.

And the ball ground. Looks just like the Muskogee variety, doesn't it?

Your interpreters will explain all the places and functions of the community. I was really please with the job they did. And surprised that one had been to my park before, and knew where I lived!

Below: The Square Ground with seven arbors; one for each clan.

And they are currently building a winter house. It is hard to see, but there is a fire inside to dry and smoke the roof and walls. The winter house is the building on the left in this photo:

The winter house on the left is somewhat circular in shape. The structure on the right is a summer house. Notice that the summer houses are square or rectangular, and winter ones are circular. I asked the guide who confirmed this, but he did not give a detailed explanation. There can be a lot of discussion of circular verses rectangle for houses and mounds, but we can save that for another time.

I had not planned on this for my itinerary, but it was well worth the visit.
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