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Boy Scout Museum

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Being and Eagle Scout, and several other accomplishments as a scout leader, my recent trip out west included a visit to the National Boy Scout Museum near Dallas. The BSA is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. There is a lot to see in the museum, but I will only show a few shots.

The first gallery you enter has several of the Norman Rockwell paintings, like this one that was on one of the versions of my scout handbook.

We met scouting's founder, Lord Baden-Powell, himself!

In the Order of the Arrow exhibit, I was glad to see a patch for Semialachee Lodge, that was designed by my former Scoutmaster Jack Champion. (lower right corner of the case.)

One of the eagle bonnets worn at the national conference by the National OA Chief.

And this interesting mural that was a billboard or wall advertisement about 95 years ago.

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