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2 Movie Reviews: "Scout Camp," and "The Last Eagle Scout."

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Scout Camp, the Movie

I was pleased to find out about, “Scout Camp, The Movie.” I liked the trailer on YouTube so much that I got the DVD.

I am an Eagle Scout from Troop 625, “The River Rats,” in Maitland Florida. I earned my Woodbadge beads, obtained Vigil Honor in Tipisa Lodge # 326 in the Order of the Arrow. Following that, I was with Troop 1 in Heidelberg, Germany, and Assistant District Commissioner in Cochise District, Catalina Council in Arizona. So I have a long scouting history.

I was on Camp La-No-Che summer camp staff during my college years, and started writing a somewhat humorous story of my summer camp experiences. It would have been a fictional story based upon actual people and events. Well, never start a side project during a major change in your life like joining the army and going to boot camp. Life took me elsewhere. Fortunately, someone succeeded with the same vision that I had with, “Scout Camp, The Movie.”

Website where you can see the trailers and clips: Scout Camp, The Movie.

And despite the geographical differences from the Florida swampland, this movie is exactly what I had in mind. The crazy things the camp counselors say at the lake front or the rifle range are actually things I remember when I was on camp staff. Maybe things seem a bit extreme or exaggerated, but that is exactly how I remembered it.

Several things had me rolling in laughter—often subtle things—because I had either lived the experience or knew that scout. Even the Fire Dragon patrol looks a lot like the River Rats, when we wore the red berets with the uniform for many years.

There are a few obvious details that my scouting background dislikes. Like the patrol leader in the movie would be a junior assistant scoutmaster in real life because his age and rank. And the uniforms seem to be missing several patches that would normally be worn; but I think that was a director decision, because the patches might detract from the actors and dialogue in the movie.

And there are a few loose ends that are never explained. In the beginning of the film we hear a narration from an older version of one of the scouts, but the movie never comes back to the narrator and it seems pointless. And when there is a narration, it means that this is a flashback, but the kids are wearing modern clothing with the latest version of the scouting uniform. These are things that I can easily overlook.

But just like real life, the film acknowledges that the experience at camp creates changes that will last a lifetime. Many times I have heard parents compliment their son’s summer camp experience, how they came home better behaved and more mature.

Every movie has an objective or goal, and I would say that this one is about doing the right thing when faced with an unpleasant situation. This is an excellent family-friendly movie that I will watch again. Two thumbs up!

The Last Eagle Scout

The next movie I am reviewing is from another trailer I saw on YouTube. This movie will probably be released later this year, and is titled, “The Last Eagle Scout.”

Both “Scout Camp,” and “The Last Eagle Scout” are filmed in Utah. But that is where any similarities end.

Unlike “Scout Camp,” I will not buy this one. I have an unfavorable opinion after seeing the trailer, and “making of” clips of the camera crew blowing up models of buildings.

This movie is filmed by the Latter Day Saints / Mormons. The Mormons use Scouting as their youth program. What they have done is to tell a religious message, but use the scouts for the main characters or background.

The plot is that the scouts are outlawed because they are not politically correct. Familiar? It was to me. This is another version of an end-times, “left behind,” Hal Lindsey, latter-day Armageddon scenario. It’s a story of anticipated Christian persecution that goes back in literature at least a thousand years.

What is common among religious movies and novels is that the writers create a metaphor of an easily recognized symbol, which in this case is the boy scouts. But the widely-recognized icon of scouting is transformed into something that it never was. Being a scout has nothing to do with political protest or becoming an outlawed partisan running an underground movement. But in this movie, that is all this “Eagle Scout” is doing.

Many things in this movie are very graphic, like the scout being shot at the camp rifle range, blowing up latrines in camp, and blowing up downtown buildings. In my opinion, this has nothing to do with the scouting ideals, and is far removed from reality.

And one thing that annoyed me to no end, is that the hero in the movie is running around everywhere in a 1970s scout uniform shirt, with a Second Class rank badge & 1973 Jamboree patch on his uniform. The uniform is not even close to being correct.

I would say to avoid “The Last Eagle Scout.” It is just recycled religious propaganda. Two thumbs down!
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On December 9th, 2010 08:32 pm (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
Scout Movies
Appreciate your info on the scout movies. Let me offer a correction. Both Scout Camp and The Last Eagle Scout are both made by Mormons, but neither are made by the Mormon Church. The Church never make theatrical movies for profit. They might sell propaganda DVD's at their store outlet, but never sell movies like this. You will also notice that both films were made at the same camp site. The Scout Camp is more about scouting and does a fine job at promoting scout values at a light level. The Last Eagle Scout is more political and has absolutely nothing to do with the Mormon church.

Just a little clarification.
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