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Alex Sink for Governor: the Only Sensible Choice

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You know that I like to stay away from politics. I will make a quick exception. Our primary election is almost upon us. I will throw my two cents in, and say that Alex Sink would make the best choice for governor. Her running mate for Lt. Gov. is Rod Smith, who is also very well respected. I believe that they are a winning team for governor.

Her issues are clearly spelled out on her webpage at http://www.alexsink2010.com/home . Click on the top tab that says, “Agenda.” http://www.alexsink2010.com/agenda/ . You will find very detailed descriptions showing her views and plans for the state as governor. Click on any of those topics and look it over further.

She wants Florida to be a place where small business is encouraged and thrives. As her years as Chief Financial Officer of Florida, she has a firm grasp on how the state budget operates and what needs to be done to make it better.

And what I like best about her is that she has stayed away from the pathetic politics and attack ads that we have become sick of seeing from Rick Scott and Bill McCollum. What Florida needs is someone who can operate the state sensibly and avoid the crisis we have seen with other state governments like in New York and California. We need someone who will do the work without seeking the cameras. We need someone to run the state government, not look for photo opportunities. Choose the one who really knows how to run the state government: Alex Sink.
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