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Sorry I have no photos for this one, but I just want to say how I appreciate all the people who mean a lot to me. Recently I was down and out, how I have so few family members left in Florida. My brother & his wife moved far away. Their daughter got married and moved almost as far. And my twin sister and her husband moved very far away. Mom passed away two years ago, and I don't have very good news about Dad. I have one other close relative in Florida, who is now about 88 years old.

Last month I had some guests come by from Belgium. The husband is a year younger than me, and was a foreign exchange student who stayed at my house for a year. Now he has a very good wife, a couple of beautiful daughters, and a very active son. It was great to see them.

Then last week, one couple who have known me since I was three years old visited Marco Island. They have twin sons who are the same age as my twin sister and myself. When my parents moved to Winter Park, they lived 3 houses down. They later moved about a mile away, but we kept in contact for many years. It was great getting an update, finding out who we know from the old neighborhood. Who is doing well, and who has ended up in jail.

And I also went to Camp Lanoche for Jimmy Sawgrass' pow wow that he holds at summer camp ever Thursday. I have known Jimmy since 1979, and his son is following in his footsteps. I really enjoyed being there in central Florida, and the evenings were surprisingly much cooler than what I have here in southwest Florida. I wish I could spend all week at Lanoche and just wander around the nature trails at camp. We worked summers there in the 1980s, and I know it like my own back yard.

Jimmy put on an excellent show. His Native American program is unique for scout camps, and one of a kind. I have seen one other camp do a three-day NA program, but not about the local tribes. Nothing I have seen can compare to it.

So I do have a family afterall. It is an extended family. There are always past acquaintances that I will enjoy visiting again.
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