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1812 Grand Tactical in Western NY

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This is the Fort McHenry Guard from Ft. McHenry, Maryland. Because they were from a national park, they could not participate in the battle reenactments, but did a wonderful job as color guard. The garrison flag the Lt. is carrying is known as the Star Spangled Banner, the flag of the War of 1812 with 15 stars and 15 stripes. They did a magnificent job and were a great honor to the soldiers of 1812 they represented. One of the soldiers here is a cadet at Annapolis. Another soldier in the 7th Infantry was due to leave for duty in Iraq as soon as we were done. The reenactors in the 7th Infantry include active duty soldiers as well, and greatly honor the soldiers of American history.

The 7th Infantry also includes several wives and ladies who portray wives and laundresses. Their camp was some of the company tents behind the officer's tents, in a lovely garden behind the mansion.

7th Infantry Officer's quarters. Steve Abolt (the short one) served as commander of the U.S. forces during the event.

Sunday tactical. Americans trying to drive the Royal Crown forces from town. No those are not brits close by, they are U.S. band members, who wore red uniforms.

Okahumpkee with the American forces. The saddest thing about the War of 1812 was that the Natives fought on both sides, but lost the most after the war. The natives were forced with land cessions even if they were on the U.S. side. The Treaty of Fort Jackson in 1815 was one of the worst land thefts against the Creeks.

As a historical interpreter, I show life as it was back then. I do not make comment or take on modern views and opinions. Yes it was unfair what happened to the native people back then. Nobody can deny that. I just interpret things as they were.
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