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Big Tree Park in Sanford

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Near Sanford, Florida is a rare gem. Finding old growth trees in Florida are few and far between. I have heard many stories, but most are in places that are inaccessible. These two cypress trees were saved as a park before logging in Florida reached a peak in the 1940s and 50s.

Early visitors to Sanford would make a trip out to this area, which for many years was constantly inundated swamp and wetlands.

“The Senator” (below) is estimated to be about 3,500 years old. It is 118 ft. tall, but had the top 47 feet pruned off by a hurricane in 1925. It is impossible to put it in one photo, so I have several different shots here. In 1929, President Calvin Coolidge visited here and dedicated the park.

Going along the boardwalk in this Seminole County park, there are also massive examples of pig nut hickory and sweetgum.

And close by is another huge cypress, dubbed “Lady Liberty.” She is only 2,000 years old and 89 ft. tall. (Below). I wonder what other huge cypress trees were once in this area?

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