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Quick Update

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I know some of you have been asking why I have not posted anything recently. Well, I have been busy. But not doing things worth blogging about. So I have waited until I saved up a few things.

Some of you have asked me about the job interview I had for the position of Park Manager of Dade Battlefield. I have not heard anything back after a couple months. This is not unusual for a state job, and I do hold my breath waiting. I did the interview and it is out of my hands now. I was not totally happy with the way I interviewed and felt I could have done better on some things, but that is life. The application is being reviewed by the state and everyone along the line between here and Tallahassee has their say in it. When they finally decide, then I will be told who is picked. Either way, I have a good job working for some fantastic folks. And it was great seeing a lot of people in Wakulla Springs a week ago. I will post about that soon.

As much as I would love working at Dade Battlefield, I have about 15 years left before retirement, and hope that I have some more miles left. I would not want to be there the rest of my career. The job I am at right now has been the longest I have stayed anywhere, and feel that I need to move on to improve. I don’t want to be stagnant. I love many of the parks in Florida and would like to try working at a few different ones. We all think that we are working and living in paradise, and it sure looks like the next best thing.

But Dade Battlefield seems like it would be the perfect job for me and I feel that I would be the best person for it. But, outta my hands for now. It would be really cool since I started the living history thing after attending the 150th anniversary of Dade Battle, and would then be the park manager standing up in front of the crowd next January for the 175th.
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