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It's been over three weeks since I last posted anything. I have been busier than a priest at confession after mardi gras.

Mom had her stroke two years ago. Strong women are the glue that holds the family together, and when you lose her it is a great loss. More so now, I understand the concept of matriarchal societies. (Mom was an anthropologist, so I would have to say it that way.)

It's been a lot of work taking care of Dad, and I had an emergency situation where I had to take care of him for a week. Which worked out for the better, because I got some things done that needed attention. And finding bills that he had squirreled away that were past due, that needed to get paid. I got his air condition fixed in the van so he can ride to his appointments in comfort during the summer. I put up more safety rails and bars in that 85-year-old house. Replaced a toilet seat and did some yard work. Yep, same thing that park rangers do.

The next two days for work are really busy, but I am really excited about it. I give a presentation for the other parks today, and tomorrow I am being grilled at our district office (for a very good reason.) I am so excited that I haven't gotten much sleep last night in anticipation.

The week before, Hermann and Elizabeth with Florida Frontiers and Neily-Trappman Studios were here to do some touring of SW Fla. It was Elizabeth's birthday. They went on a tour of Mound Key and got soaked by rain, but she still said it was her best birthday ever. They stayed at my cabin for a couple nights, and also interviewed me on my views of living history / reenacting. You might see something on youtube in the near future.

I missed the St. Augustine Seminole War event because of my family situation, but everything I have heard makes it sound like it went wonderful.

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