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Osceola's Capture. New Book.

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I mentioned last year about the Osceola Capture Site on the Old Kings Road being found. Now author Bill Ryan has written another book on the subject.

The book is, “Osceola, His Capture and Seminole Legends.” He writes in a narrative style as if it was dictated from Osceola on his last day before capture.

You can see it featured on Bill Ryan's website of the Old Kings Road.

It is being sold by The Old Kings Road Press.

From his book, here is an old photo of the site of the capture of Osceola. In the 1890s a marker was put there, under direction of an aging soldier who had been there. The plaque on the marker was eventually destroyed by vandals.

And after talking to him on the phone last night, Mr. Ryan says that the property is currently for sale. All 7,000 acres. Can someone please buy it for preservation? I would snap it up if I had the money.

Also in the book is a photo of Seminole tribal member Willie Johns at the marker, and was probably the first tribal member who visited there since 1837. A local scout troop has cleaned it up really nice.

Both Willie Johns and Herbie Jim spoke in St. Augustine, and were not saying what the city wanted to hear. To them, St. Augustine was a bad place. Bad things happened to the Seminole people there: imprisonment, death, and deportation. So understandably, it is not a town they think of very fondly.

All this information came out of Mr. Ryan's book on the Old Kings Road. As those of us know who research history, one piece of information might lead to another, and soon you have a whole bunch of information that you keep finding even after the first study is published. Here he found an image in a London newspaper purported to be of Osceola's wife and child. The picture looks very much like it has influence from George Catlin. (Which we talked about on the phone, and I think is covered in the book.)

Mr. Ryan says that both Willie Johns and tribal Chairman Mitchell Cypress have reviewed the book, and describe it as the best one they have ever seen on Osceola. You can't get any better than that.
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On February 6th, 2010 03:43 am (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
Land is 700 acres not 7,000 Owner is Held family. Mr. Held will on request take visitors up recently discovered pieces of Old Kings Road both south and north of Moultrie Creek. The Held family built many of the
developments in the area. The marked capture site was set aside as a historical site, and Old Kings exists in the area in excellent condition.....Bill Ryan
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On February 6th, 2010 11:12 am (UTC), seminolewar replied:
Re: Osceola
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