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February in Seminole War History

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This is the last month I have to post for Seminole War events. I have been doing this since last March, so this wraps things up.

February 1859 - 70 Seminoles from Black Warrior’s band emigrate west. This is the last big group of Seminoles & Miccosukees that are shipped west.

1 February 1840 - Skirmish “near Fort No. 5.” An Army patrol is ambushed while crossing a causeway.

This one has always been a mystery for me. Earl and myself find no other information on Fort # 5 or where it was located. Not much of a fort!

2 February 1838 - Skirmish in the Everglades.

3 February 1837 - Jumper, Micanope, and Abraham agree to a cease-fire until 18 February, but it soon becomes obvious that not all the Seminoles agree to it.

3 February 1837 - Skirmish between Alabama Militia and Creek Indians near Cowikee Creek, southeast Alabama.

Early February 1837 - Skirmish with Creek Indians and Alabama Militia along Pea River in Alabama at Hobdy Bridge.

4 February 1840 - Seminoles capture a supply train of 12 wagons, 10 miles from Gary’s Ferry.

7 February 1813 - Colonel John Williams and Colonel Thomas Smith lead a force of Eastern Tennessee Volunteers into northeast Florida. They descend on Payne’s Town at Alachua but find it deserted, having been abandoned by the Indians a few weeks before. A few roving bands of harmless old men and women are found and shamelessly attacked by the Tennessee Volunteers.

8 February 1837 - Battle of Lake Monroe. 300-400 Seminoles attack Camp Monroe under the leadership of Coacoochee and King Philip. Captain Mellon is killed, but the soldiers are able to repel the attack with the help of gunboats on the lake. The camp is renamed Fort Mellon after the fallen Captain.

9 February 1837 - Colonel Foster finds and destroys an encampment of Seminoles on Crystal River, but the Indians escape.

9 February 1840 - The Florida Militia engages Seminoles in a skirmish at Fort Crabbe.

10 February 1813 - The Williams & Smith Tennesseean force runs into a heavily defended Seminole position in a hammock near Payne’s Town. There is no advance by either side and the battle lasts into the night. The Americans retreat to Paynes Town. Two days later they try to attack the Seminoles again, but are under sporadic fire instead.

10 February 1840 - Skirmish “near Fort No. 3.”

11 February 1815 – American forces surrender Fort Bowyer at Mobile Point to the British after several days of siege. This was the last battle of the War of 1812. Two days later, word reached the area that the war was over.

11 February 1839 - Skirmish near New River Inlet, southeast Florida.

12 February 1842 - Skirmish in the Wahoo Swamp.

13 February 1840 - A mail stage is held up and two carriers killed north of St. Augustine.

16 February 1835 - President Jackson orders all Seminoles to leave Florida.
They didn’t want to be ordered like that!

17 February 1813 - The Williams & Smith force leaves the Alachua area, with the final destruction of Paynes Town. Much of the Seminole’s food supplies, crops, and cattle were destroyed by the campaign, and the Seminoles are faced with starvation.

20 February 1836 – Eight weeks after Dade’s battle, General Gaines’ command is the first white group to reach Major Dade’s command and buries the bodies.

20 February 1839 - Skirmish near Fort Lauderdale.

22 February 1821 - The Senate ratifies The Adams-Onis Treaty, and President James Monroe signs it, making Florida a United States territory. Congress appoints Andrew Jackson the first Governor of Florida Territory.

22 February 1840 - Skirmish near Magnolia where the commanding officer, Lt. Whedan, is left by his men who run off when ambushed by Seminoles.

I think that I found out about this skirmish by reading the old Florida newspapers. Many skirmishes involving the Florida militia were in the local papers and not often in the federal papers or adjutant reports. When the fighting stopped, everyone went home and not much more was said.

24 February 1813 - The Tennessee force returns to Georgia as heroes. They parade around their only prisoners: one boy, one woman with a baby, one wounded woman, and one elderly Negro. They claim that only one of the Tennessee soldiers was killed. For over a year later, roving bands of Patriots loot and burn Indian villages and kill any Seminoles they find in northeast Florida.

27 February-30 March 1743 - General Oglethorpe again tries to take Florida and St. Augustine. Once again he fails and is forced to retreat. He brings a large force of Indians made up of Cherokee and Upper & Lower Creeks, who attack Yamassee that are friendly with the Spanish. This was the last time the British attempted to take Florida before it was ceded to them in 1763.

27-29 February 1836 - The Seminoles attack General Gaines’ command at the Withlacoochee River. The soldiers are forced to retreat down the river and make a hastily built breastwork (Camp Izard) for defense. Gaines’ command lay under siege for the next week until Seminoles under Micanope and Osceola declare a truce, and relief arrives from General Clinch at Fort Drane.

28 February 1839 - Skirmish on the Miami River.

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