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Dade Battle Reenactment

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Okay, I woke up and am wide awake. (At least for the next few minutes.)

Our friend Elizabeth with the Florida Frontiers did a video for Youtube about Dade Battle. And great job! The picture is not all the great, probably due to zooming in. But the audio is excellent, with musket fire really coming in loud and clear. Also the editing and the ability of the video to tell a story is really good. Most videos of the event that I have seen on youtube have looked really bad. I think the editing is the key, and the ability here to tell the story without narration was excellent.

I am sure that I am in there somewhere.

Elizabeth and myself have talked about doing small short videos on youtube about the Seminole War. I don't have the editing skills or software, and decided my little sony camera doesn't do quality videos for what I want to do.
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