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Important Anniversary

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Remember those lost on both sides on December 28th.

28 December 1835 - Dade’s Battle. Major Francis L. Dade’s command is ambushed on the military road between Fort Brooke and Fort King. Only three of the 110-man command survived. The Seminole force is estimated around 180 warriors with only a few casualties. This is the Seminole’s most significant victory in the war.
At the same time, Indian agent Wiley Thompson and Lieutenant Constantine Smith are ambushed and killed outside Fort King by warriors under Osceola. The sutler store is attacked and burned.

28 December 1840 - Miccosukees under Halleck Tustenuggee and Coosa Tustenuggee attack an Army escort on the Micanopy-Wacahoota road and kill six people, including Mrs. Montgomery, the wife of Lt. Alexander Montgomery at Fort Micanopy. The death of Mrs. Montgomery causes outrage over the war in newspapers across the country, and Secretary of War Joel Poinsett demands an investigation.

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