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Genesee Village

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I was very impressed with Genesee village in western New York. About an hour from Buffalo and Rochester. The park was started in 1976 when the Genesee Brewery wanted to preserve historical buildings and their history. They purchased 600 acres to create this historic village. They started out with two of the buildings, and now have 68 historic buildings. Built between 1798 and 1902.

The best thing with this village is that almost every building has a full-time historical interpreter inside who knows about the building, its history, who lived there, and they are probably working a skilled craft like quitwork, gunsmithing, or tinsmith. And they are here year round, just not for the event we had here, the 1812 Grand Tactical.

I have been to several historic parks here in the south, but none are done up as well as Genesee village. (I haven't been to Williamsburg yet.) In most of the places I have been, you are lucky to even find anyone working in the buildings, and if you do find anyone, they probably won't know much beyond what craft they are working on. As much as I love Westville in Georgia, Genesee Village has it beat, hands down.

Here are a few of the structures:

This odd looking, 8-sided house certainly got my interest. Built around 1870. It has windows so it gets plenty of light in each room. The coppola on top draws the hot air out, so there is good ventilation. I wish they still made them like this!

Also built around 1870, I thought this was the Adams Family house.

Two 1840s churches, contrasted by the plain on the outside Catholic church with an ornate alter and organ.

Contrasted by the plain, large, New England style Methodist church. (Also 1840s.) I like how the entrance way formed a "T" so people entering the church would not disturb the service.

There was this impressive gazebo for the band, in the middle of the field. Very ornate!

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