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Fort Niagara Photos

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I have been slow in posting these, but here they area. Last month I went to western New York, and I have shown a few photos already. Here are more.

Fort Niagara on Lake Ontario is a significant fort in the history of four countries: France, Britain, the United States, and the Iroquois Confederacy.

It was started out as a French fort to trade with the Iroquois. It is on Lake Ontario guarding the mouth of the Niagara River. Beautiful location. This first photo is the French fort and trading house. The oldest part of the fort. Now in the center of the fort.

The British took control of the fort after the French and Indian War and expanded the fortifications. They added towers, powder magazine, and other buildings. They added earth fortifications.

Here are the British towers:

After the American Independence, the British still held the fort until the 1790s. They did not recognize the borders or everything about the treaty. Finally it was given over to the Americans, and a bloody battle happened here in December 1813 when the British retook the fort. (War of 1812 if you didn't know.)

I am told that next year's 1812 Grand Tactical will be held here. I don't know if they will reenact the Brits killing the Americans inside the fort.

After the treaty to end the War of 1812, the Americans got the fort back. Over the next 30 years they reinforced the walls as part of the third system of fortification in the country. The brick is obviously the American third system building. Here is a corner of the fort, and the sallyport.

The fort was used as an active military base until the end of World War Two.
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