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What lurks out my window

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FWC sent me some images of the wildlife that their trail cams picked up down my driveway. There was a feral cat, and one image of a coyote. But what they were looking for was the Florida panthers. There was our favorite female, FP158, and an uncollared male. In 2008 FP158 had four kittens in a den about a mile away. So we consider her our girl, and I consider it an honor to have neighbors like these.

This here is the male:

Another thing I noticed was the time. Sometimes as early as 8:46 p.m. in the evening, or right before daylight at 6:03 a.m. Those are times I might actually be outside. I can't wait until I get the full set of shots, and see if there are any daytime critters.

And from the position in some photos, the panthers are probably walking along my house, just under my bedroom window.

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