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Inappropriate behavior at reenactments

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There are a few individuals at our reenactments that need to get with the program and improve your behavior.

There are two recent incidents in the past year that I am thinking about. I will explain without naming names, but I am sure most of you know who they are.

The state of Florida does not tolerate any sexual harassment. The state’s reaction to any allegation of sexual harassment is to terminate the employees immediately without any investigation. And that applies to volunteers as well. As a reenactor, you are a volunteer at the park. So an inappropriate remark or action can cause you to be banned from future events.

Believe me, I have seen it happen. This past summer there was a park manager fired from a major state park for sexual harassment. And in my own park, we had to fire a volunteer for an inappropriate comment.

The definition of sexual harassment has broadened to include more than what it used too. If there was a bystander that heard or saw something that they thought was inappropriate, even if they weren’t involved, they can file charges of harassment.

Both the people I want to use as an example are fairly new to our events, and only been around about 2 or 3 years. But long enough to know better.

The first person seems to find a way to turn every comment into a sexual innuendo. And his girlfriend who tags along is just as bad. This is immature behavior. And you are doing it in front of the public as well. The incident where you walked out wearing panties on your turban and acting surprised that they were there, was offensive to all who saw it. Maybe they didn’t say anything to you, but I sure heard if from them.

The second person is a government employee and should know better, but apparently doesn’t have a clue. I tried explaining it to you, but it did not seem like you got it. You seem to have a thing for carrying young ladies over your shoulder. That behavior is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Last month at an event, you were showing an 8x10 photo of yourself carrying a total stranger in such a manner that she looked naked. Besides being considered sexual harassment, if you were to fall and cause her to be injured, then you had better contact your defense lawyer. And her lawyers would not only go after you, but the state park as well. And that would end that event at that park.

If either of you are banned at one park for these acts of tomfoolery, I will guarantee that the word will get around. Park rangers and park managers talk to each other. A bad reputation gets around as fast.

I would hope that everyone who participates with our events does it to educate people. But with some of you doing these shenanigans, then please stay away from serious living history & educational events, and go play at rendezvous or pow wows instead.

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