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November in Seminole & Creek War History

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There are some major events in Creek and Seminole War history for November.

1 November 1840 - Skirmish on the Picolata Road; three soldiers killed.

3 November 1813 - A Tennessee Volunteer Militia force under Andrew Jackson attacks the Red Stick town of Tallushatchee and kills over 200 people. All the men are killed and all the women and children are taken prisoner.

7 November 1814 - Andrew Jackson takes Pensacola from the Spanish with almost no effort and drives away the British. He leaves two days later for New Orleans.

8 November 1813 - Jackson slaughters Red Stick forces at the Battle of Talladega, killing over 300 warriors.

9 November 1839 - Skirmish between the Florida Militia and Seminoles in the area of Micanopy. At least one soldier killed and two wounded.

10 November 1835 - Several brigades of the Florida Militia are mustered to force removal of all Florida Indians.

14 November 1835 - Five chiefs with 450 Seminoles arrive at Fort Brooke to emigrate west.

17-18 November 1836 – Fighting in the area of Wahoo Swamp. Forces under General Call find scattered groups of Seminole but only have a few small skirmishes.

17 November 1843 - General Worth estimates the Florida Indian population around 300.

18 November 1813 - Over 1000 Tennessee soldiers attack and massacre the town of Hillabee. The town had already surrendered to Andrew Jackson before the massacre.

19 November 1857 - Army soldiers find and burn several Miccosukee towns in Big Cypress.

21 November 1817 - The First Seminole War starts as General Edmund P. Gaines attacks Fowltown, a Seminole town on the Flint River in Georgia just north of the Florida border. Town Chief Neamathla had prevented any Americans from travelling the Apalachicola River to Fort Scott or to approach Fowltown.

21 November 1836 - Battle of Wahoo Swamp. Forces under General Call have a large battle with heavily encamped Seminole and Black Seminole forces, but are unable to dislodge their position on the opposite side of a creek. Major David Moniac of the U.S. Creek Regiment is killed. Moniac was the first Indian to attend West Point Military Academy.

24 November 1834 - General Duncan L. Clinch becomes the commander of the Florida forces.

25 November 1837 - Yuchie Billy dies at Fort Marion in St. Augustine.

25 November 1839 - Skirmish in the area between St. Augustine and Picolata.

26 November 1565 - Menendez finds a remaining group of French survivors shipwrecked near Cape Canaveral and sends them back to Spain as slaves. Spain now has firm control over Florida, with no real challenge for the next 135 years.

26 November 1835 - Assassination of Chief Charlie Emathla. General Thompson holds a sale for Indians to sell their cattle before emigrating west. After selling his cattle, Charlie Emathla is murdered by Osceola, who scatters the money on the ground next to the body. It is said that the body remained untouched on the ground for years as Osceola’s warning to all Seminoles who wanted to emigrate. A previous Seminole council had declared a death sentence upon anyone who sold their cattle to the white man.

26 November 1857 - Indians retaliate for the attack on their towns and kill several army horses.

26 November 1857 - A force under Colonel S. St. George Rogers destroy a large Seminole village found at Royal Palm Hammock in the Big Cypress Swamp.

27 November 1857 - Seminole ambush and kill several soldiers who destroyed their town the day before.

28 November 1842 - A Florida Militia company finds an Indian village on Wrights Creek (Holmes County) and kills 22 Indians, taking no prisoners. Even the local white settlers considered this a massacre.

29 November 1813 - Over 200 Red Sticks are killed at the battle of the town of Autossee on the Tallapoosa River.

29 November 1837 - Coacoochee, John Cowaya (an influential Black Seminole leader, also know as John Cavalo, Gopher John, or John Horse) and 18 others make a daring night escape from their prison at Fort Marion in St. Augustine.

29 November 1839 - Secretary of War Poinsett, disappointed with the long duration of the war, writes President Van Buren to remove Governor Call. Robert Reid becomes governor soon after.

30 November 1817 - A Creek/Seminole force under Neamathla retaliates for the destruction of Fowltown, and attacks an American party travelling up the Apalachicola River, killing 34 soldiers, 7 women, and 4 children traveling in the boat. Six soldiers escape to Fort Scott.

30 November 1835 - General Thompson warns white inhabitants of Florida to expect increased Indian attacks.

30 November 1836 - Thomas Lawson becomes Surgeon General. He was an officer with the Louisiana Volunteers under General Gaines at Fort Brooke during the beginning of the 2nd Seminole War.

Late November 1857 - A force of 91 regular Army infantry and Florida militia find a large Seminole town in Big Cypress, but are ambushed by a force of Seminoles twice their number and forced to retreat.
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