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Quick Update

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The two panthers were here for three nights, and then moved elsewhere. One of them was panther FP158, who was the mother of the four kittens in early 2008. She has a tracking collar. Now I have two game cameras set up along my driveway if they return, courtesy of FWC. They will probably get photos of me going to and fro, at the most.

I saw the panthers at night, anytime I wanted to shine a flashlight out the kitchen window, and saw them either walk by, or the yellow eyes shining back. One morning around 11:30 while I was getting ready to go to work, I looked out the window and saw a big, beautiful cougar cat walk out of the woods, but by the time I had my camera in hand, it was walking back into the tropical hardwood hammock.

I now know from my own experience, that there is a big difference between a Florida panther in a zoo, than one free in the wild. They radiate power. I consider it a blessing to witness what happened.

Weather has changed abruptly. Temperatures changed 20 degrees in one day with out first major cold front. I broke out my jacket last night while working in the park. First time in probably 6 or more months.

I did a program for the A-Liners, a group of people who camp with hard-top pop-up campers. Nice group. Although with my program, I found that you cannot run a powerpoint program done on Office 2007, on a laptop that has Windows 2000.

Now I need to catch up on telling about my adventures from two weeks ago, including Rosie the Manatee!
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