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Website of the Week--7/13/06

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Okay, it has actually been 12 days since I put up a website of the week.

The winner this week is: http://www.badastronomy.com by Phil Plait.

Phil says, "I am an astronomer, writer, and skeptic. I like reality the way it is, and I aims to keep it that way. My real name is Phil Plait, and I run the Bad Astronomy website."

Phil takes a lot of statements and myths about astronomy in the movies and TV, and puts them to the scientific test.

For myself, astronomy has been an interest since I was a kid. My brother and I use to go out around the lake with the telescope and look at the Moon, Jupiter, nebulae, and other wonders in the sky.

We grew up in Central Florida in the 1960s and 70s, when NASA was sending rockets off to the moon. We could sit in the backyard or on the roof and watch the Saturn V rockets lift off, and then almost monthly Space Shuttles. We knew people who worked at NASA, been there on the school field trips and taken the bus tours to the launch pads, or listened to astronaut Jim Irwin speak at Full Gospel Businessmen luncheons. We knew the players involved in the space program, and it was a reality to us.

So about three years ago, I was in either a chat room, or maybe it was a board on the internet. Someone started to put out this bs, stuff they heard on the Art Bell show, about how the moon landings were all a hoax and it was all filmed in a movie studio. Boy, did they push my buttons on that one.

Phil Plait takes on the the people who said the moon landing was a hoax, or the giant asteroid that was suppose to wipe us out in Florida last May 25th. He shows how these people are wrong and don't even know their science.

Check it out!
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