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"THE" Removal Letter Found

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This is very interesting. As soon as I posted the link on facebook, a lot of my friends (Creek ones especially) picked up on it and posted the link as well.

THE removal letter from President Andrew Jackson has been found. For historians and scholars, this is a very significant find. Follow the link to the article here.

This letter can be called THE document that started the Indian Removal, which forced thousands of Native Americans from the Five Civilized Tribes to be forced from their homes. It set the tone for US policy towards all Native American tribes for the next 80 years.

Although excerpts of the letter have been published, it was thought that the original was lost. Now we can read the original, in his original language and wording. I would consider this pretty chilling, thinking what it caused.

After reading it myself, I was struck with how identical the wording is, to what the Seminoles were told by Wiley Thompson in the talks at Fort King, on October 1834 and April 1835, where Thompson is telling them that they MUST remove. It is almost verbatim with what is in this letter!
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