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I probably will be busy the next few days, so before I forget, here are the Seminole War events for October.

4 October 1812 - Facing starvation, Col. Newnan’s force decides to make a nighttime retreat from their breastwork.

5 October 1812 - Newnan’s force continues to be attacked by Seminoles while making their retreat.

8 October 1836 - Seminoles capture and burn the schooner Mary at Tavernier Key.

10 October 1565 - Menendez kills many of the French Huguenots including their leader Ribault.

10 October 1832 - Several of the Seminole chiefs are taken on a tour out west to survey the land that the government had reserved for them. The group includes Jumper, Tuckose Emathla (John Hicks), Holata Emathla, Charley Emathla, Abraham, Coa Hadjo, Yaha Hadjo, and Neha-Thlocco. They were not impressed.

11 October 1812 - Newnan’s force makes it back to Kingsley Plantation for a hero’s party. Their dismal failure was proclaimed a victory in the newspapers, and Newnan is declared a hero.

12 October 1841 - Coacoochee with 210 Seminoles are shipped to the west.

13-17 October 1836 - Governor Call tries to cross the Withlacoochee River and attack the Seminoles. His efforts end in failure when he is unable to find an adequate crossing and is constantly fired upon by Seminoles on the other side.

21 October 1837 - A large Seminole party under Osceola is captured under a flag of truce at Fort Peyton by General Hernandez, under orders of General Jesup.

23-25 October 1834 - Wiley Thompson calls the Seminole chiefs together for a conference at Fort King to get them to emigrate, but it ends with both sides arguing and no agreement reached.

25 October 1841 - Several soldiers drown when their boat capsizes at the Indian River crossing. This is the worst non-combat related accident during the war.

28 October 1838 - The last of the Apalachicola Seminoles are deported to the west.

31 October 1799 - William Augustus Bowles issues a proclamation declaring the 1795 treaty of San Ildefonso between Spain & the U.S. void because it ignored the Indians’ sovereign rights over Florida.

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On September 28th, 2009 01:25 pm (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
Thank you again!
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On September 28th, 2009 02:54 pm (UTC), seminolewar replied:
Re: October
You're welcome!
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