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2nd Coat

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The first coat I made for FSU's Chief Osceola arrived today. It took 10 days with what should have been 3. I sent it priority mail--I guess it wasn't the post office's priority!

If you scroll down below, you can see pictures of the first coat, that I posted about a week ago.

In the meantime, I was afraid after a week that it wouldn't reach it at all, so I scrambled to work on a second coat. In 3 days and with 42 hours labor, I cranked out a coat faster than I have probably ever done, or ever should do again. I started Friday night with a trip to the fabric store, prepared the fabric by washing and ironing it, and then cut out all the pieces. It helped that I already had the finishing pieces left over from the last coat for the ruffles and boarders. So the material I had for ruffles were just enough for two coats. I was off work Saturday and Sunday, so I worked both those days about 18 hours each.

One of my friends and someone who I regard as something like a grandfather, told me that I should make a second coat for them, so I did anyway, although I wasn't planning on doing it that soon. So in the end, this weekend they will have two different new coats to choose from.

I really like the colors the second coat turned out with. I never find the same fabric twice when I go to the fabric store, and none of my coats that I have made turn out the same. I've made somewhere in the range of about two dozen. Here are the photos of my latest coat, that I will call FSU coat #2.


And back:

Hopefully they will be in another bowl game that I can watch on tv, and see one of the coats that I made riding out.
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