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New Exhibit

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I went over to the Ah-tah-thi-ki museum today. I saw a new exhibit that is there until next January. It is the Randle / Sheffield Collection. A series of photographs from the 1940s and 1950s of the Seminoles in south Florida, at Musa Isle attraction, the Tamiami Trail, and some other places.

I found out that a few postcards that I have are actually Tamiami Trail villages. Some of the postcards that I have say simply "near Miami" or "in the Everglades." That could be anywhere within 5,000 square miles!

Here is one of the ones that said it was the Tamiami Trail:

Some of the exhibit looks at the Miami tourist attraction Musa Isle. The Seminoles used to sell crafts there, some of which were a bit odd. Like painted drums, which were not a traditional craft. But they had someone from out west teach them how to make them, and the tourists couldn't get enough and would buy them as fast as they were made. So it provided a important source of income. Here is some of the Musa memorabilia.

I love my digital camera, because this is not a flash photo. And still, the colors come out as good as if it was.

Above this display case, is a photo of a young man painting a drum. Although not identified with the photo, the person in the photograph is Buffalo Tiger, long time chairman of the Miccosukee Tribe. You will have to go see the exhibit to see the photo.

They also have on display some children's clothing from the tourist attraction era. (Which ran from about 1920s to 1970s.)

This is a rare collection of photographs, and was quite an important find to add to a museum collection.

Also with the collection, there are interpretive signs that tell about Seminole traditions and the way that they lived back then. Chores of the men, women, and children. How the children learned, and how they cared for the babies and children.

Check it out.
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