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Earl makes the Ocala Star-Banner (Again)

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My partner in crime for the past 15 years made the Ocala Star Banner newspaper (again.) When people come around our camp at events, we not only try to tell about the culture and the history of the Seminoles during the Seminole war era, but we also try to portray a way of life; a way of doing things.
Here is the article from the website:


And the really good photo from the Star-Banner:

History is more than dates, names, and events. We try to explain why people did what they did. You cannot understand why things happened unless you get into their head and try to think like they did. What better tribute can we do to these people, than our living history programs? For those who are long gone, and show people a glimpse of what type of people they may have been. It takes years to really get it.

This requires a lot of patience, introspection, and the answers do not always come quick and easy, but often have to be debated out. Or sometimes you have to sit back and be quiet. Pay attention to your surroundings. The voice of Creator is not a loud voice, but is reflected in silence. In order to look at the outside world, it often takes a lot of retrospect and observation. You start from within, and work your way out and look at the surroundings. Then you work you way back in again, and think about what you observed.

It is hard to explain, and cannot be taught as much as it needs to be experienced.
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