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August Seminole War Events

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August events in Seminole & Creek War history.

August 1838 - A company of Army Dragoons attempts to explore the Okefenokee Swamp in Georgia searching for renegade Creeks and Seminoles. The expedition ends in utter failure without a single Indian found.

2 August 1856 - Seminoles kill a soldier guarding a blockhouse at Punta Rassa.

7 August 1840 - Chakaika and the Spanish Indians attack and burn the town of Indian Key. This is the only battle during the war where the Indians used a cannon, when they turn the cannon in town against nearby naval ships.

7 August 1856 - A delegation of Oklahoma Seminoles sign a treaty in Washington where the government will supply payments to the western Seminoles. This recognizes the Seminoles as separate from the Creeks for the first time.

9 August 1814 - Andrew Jackson forces the Creeks to sign the Treaty of Fort Jackson, ceding almost all of the Creek land to the United States, including what is today most of Alabama and a large part of Georgia. The Creeks who were allied with the United States are shocked when their land is taken away as well. Of the 36 chiefs who sign the treaty, only one was hostile to the United States in the previous war. Jackson does not give any option to the Creeks except sign.

11 August 1835 - Miccosukees kill the mail carrier between Fort Brooke and Fort King. It is believed that he was killed in response to the Hickory Sink incident.

13 August 1840 - Indians attack an Army escort and kill two soldiers near Fort Wheelock.

14 August 1842 - Colonel Worth declares hostilities in Florida at an end, thus ending the Second Seminole War. He agrees to let the remaining Seminoles stay in south Florida. After this time there are still a few isolated reports of attacks by Seminoles, and a few more Indians are shipped west.

15 August 1842 - A memorial ceremony is held at St. Francis military cemetery in St. Augustine in honor of all the soldiers who died in service in Florida during the war. Soldiers of all regiments in the regular army are represented, and wagon loads of bones are buried under a three-pyramid monument.

16 August 1838 - “Fort Norton” skirmish, on the East Side of the Okefenokee Swamp northwest of Colerain, Georgia. Seminoles attack a wagon train.

17 August 1800 - A well-armed force of 272 Spaniards and Mulattoes sets out from San Marcos to destroy William A. Bowles’ stronghold and Seminole town on Lake Miccosukee. They ran into disaster from the beginning, and return to San Marcos two days later, having gone only a few miles with no guide.

20 August 1802 - Neighboring Seminoles sign a peace treaty with the Spanish at San Marcos. Even William Bowles’ strongest supporter signs, Chief Kinache of Miccosukee.

21 August 1836 - 300 Miccosukees under Osceola who have taken over the abandoned Fort Drane battle 100 army troops. After an hour the Indians disappear into the nearby hammocks.

27 August 1836 - Battle of Cow Creek in southern Georgia. Georgia militia forces find and attack Creeks who are heading into the Okefenokee Swamp.

29 August 1839 - Battle near Fort Andrews; two soldiers killed.

30 August 1813 - Red Stick Creek Indians under Red Eagle (William Weatherford) kill 250 American settlers at Fort Mims. Most of the Americans killed were actually mixed blood White & Creek settlers whom the Red Sticks were against. Half the 750 warriors of the Red Stick force were killed during the attack. The U.S. turned its attention to the Creeks, who were fighting both the Americans and themselves.

30 August 1840 - Seminoles attack an army escort near Micanopy. Two soldiers are killed, and another is captured and tortured to death.

31 August 1841 - Colonel William J. Worth becomes commander of the forces in Florida.
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