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unacceptable behavior at reenactments

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I have heard from several folks that were at Westville this past month that one of the reenactors had language and behavior that was offensive and unacceptable. Foul and graphic language spoken out in public and language and behavior that everyone else found offensive. Not only yourself, but also your girlfriend. Even seasoned reenactors were offended. And this is the deep south in the heart of the Bible belt. Apparently several people have noticed.

I don't know if you will recognize who you are, but this behavior is unacceptable. If you want to continue in these living history programs, please discuss this issue with those of us who have been doing this for at least ten years.

Sure, I have seen stupid behavior and bad language, but it was always kept away from the public. Apparently it was out in the open for all to see this past event. And it makes the other reenactors look bad when one of their group is not on the best behavior.

Other reenactors and the public did not like it. There is even talk about asking you to not participate in any more events. People who are your friends took offense. Your friends feel that you have taken advantage of their friendship, and it is very possible they do not consider themselves your friends anymore.

We are representing people and times in the past. We are trying to educate the public about these people. I find it a great honor that I can do this. We are living history interpreters. We are park volunteers as well.

If I was recruiting and hiring a park volunteer, if they behaved like you did this past weekend, I can guarantee that the park manager and myself would tell you not to come back.

If your language and behavior cannot improve, then you will be asked to not participate in the events any more. If you continue to behave this way, maybe this is not the thing for you. If you want to do historical events, then find one where there is no public and this behavior is acceptable. Frankly, I don't know where this would be acceptable in any group that works with the public.

I have seen you at our events for a couple of years, but you have much to learn and have not seemed to grasp the concept of historical interpretation. When the public is around, we are at our best behavior. Not cussing and talking in an offensive manner.

So this is a warning. If you continue this way, then you will not be invited back to any living history event in the Florida park system. Trust us, we have had to do this before.
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