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Coral Castle

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Also on my day off, I visit Coral Castle. You've probably heard of this place before. I saw it years ago on the program, "In Search Of."

The park handout sums it up if you haven't heard about it:
"This is the story of Edward Leedskalnin, a 5 foot tall 100 pound Latvian immigrant who spurned by the love of his life, his Sweet Sixteen, without any help, using only simple tools (block tackles, crude winches, iron wedges many of them homemade) excavated, carved and moved tons of coral rock."

To this day, 58 years after his death, nobody knows how Ed did it. He only worked at night in secret. Some people say he used magic. Others say he could control magnetism and bend the laws of physics.

The largest stone object is this 30-ton obelisk. Ed moved and erected it all by himself in only an hour. Witnesses tried to help, but were spurned by Ed and came back an hour later, and it was done.

Ed was hooked on astronomy. This little hole lines up with another stone obelisk that makes a perfect alignment with the north star Polaris.

Ed's banquet table in the shape of the state of Florida. A basin in the middle for Lake Okeechobee. There is one seat for Ed as governor, and ten for the state senators or his cabinet members. Ed had ambitions that never seemed to come to fruition.

Ed's throne room is under carved stones of the moon and planets. There are chairs for his Sweet Sixteen, and the children they never had.

The bedroom has stone beds for Ed, beside a bed for his Sweet Sixteen, and stone cribs for the children they would have had. It is doubtful that his Sweet Sixteen, left back in Latvia 30 years earlier, ever knew about his infatuation.

Then there is this 9-ton gate that once swung on a dime. It was so perfectly balanced that you could push it with a finger. Unfortunately it doesn't swing anymore, due to the park staff trying to renovate it.

And in the blockhouse is a collection of Ed's homemade tools. Also is a display of the odd, electrical and magnetic experiments of his. There is no description of what it was all about.

Was Ed a genius or a madman? Both, actually. How he ever accomplished it, was genius. But what he built, was definitely loony. The stone beds, the throne room, and the bathroom are all outside. No roof. Mad as a hatter!
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