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Everglades II

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Okay, I almost lost everything I just typed, so I am splitting up my adventure for today into more than one entry.

The Mahogany Hammock Trail at Everglades National Park was one of my favorites. It is similar to my hammock trail, but with some big mahogany trees.

There is also a lot of what I call Everglades palms, or Everglades Thatch palms here. I don't know why they call them everglades thatch palms, because the Seminoles and Miccosukees don't use these for thatching, but use cabbage palms instead. These fronds are too small.

And down to Flamingo, this is a nice view of a coastal salt marsh.

And at Flamingo, this is the Florida Bay. It was very breezy and pleasant. The only thing down here was the tour boats. The hotel and campground were extensively damaged during the hurricane season of 2005 and are still rebuilding.

And don't let me forget the all-too-familiar endless expanse of sawgrass.

And the mangrove islands with the bird rookeries.

The birds are one reason that this national park exists. Hunters were hunting the birds into extinction 100 years ago, and this park was eventually created to try and preserve them. There is no place else on earth like Everglades National Park. No other ecosystem like it. It is unique, and provided the water to countless fish breeding areas, and bird rookeries. If it didn't exist, neither would the birds, the fish, the shellfish, and many other species. And if they didn't exist, we probably wouldn't either.
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