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Curt Nickerson

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Curtis "Curt" Nickerson passed away on April 25, 2009, after a lengthy and courageous battle with cancer.

In 1959 when he was one year old, his family moved to Collier-Seminole State Park where his father became park superintendent. The park was very different than it was today. There was no boat ramp, and only the campground. The family probably lived upstairs in the blockhouse, and back then it didn't have air conditioning. Curt stayed in the area, graduated from a local high school, and was a licensed captain for charter and tour boats.

Curt was an avid motorcyclist and was active for many years with a local club here in Collier County. He raised money for many charities like, Toys for Tots, Muscular Dystrophy Association, and the American Cancer Society. Also running benefits for countless needy families.

He is survived by his wife, two children, and one granddaughter. Over 500 hundred people attended his funeral. He was a really generous true human being who will be greatly missed.

When Curt was dying of cancer, the local restaurant and saloon, the Iron Rhino, ran a fund-raiser to help pay for his medical bills last March 21st. One of the campers in the park, E.F. from Sunrise, Florida, complained about the fundraiser, and wrote a letter to the state and county complaining about it. Well Mrs. E.F., Mr. Nickerson has died since then. Maybe E.F. should take her complaint to Curt's widow and children, or the countless people he helped. Or maybe E.F. should complain to the many charities that Curt raised money for.

In this world there are too many people like E.F. from Sunrise, Florida, and far too few people like Curt Nickerson.
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