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Road trip photos

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Last week I went on a road trip. In Alachuca County west of Gainesville on Newberry Road, is the Dudley Farm. This farm is a state park, and unfortunately on the list of state parks that the state plans on closing because of budget shortages.

That is a shame, because the state does not have many farm / homestead museums. Those that are in Florida, the state or counties usually treat them as bastard step-children and cuts their funding at every opportunity.

So visit this wonderful farm while you still can. It is a complete 1881 farm with the crops, animals, and different buildings.

Here is the Dudley house, where the Dudley family had about 10 children.

And of course every house has a fireplace. For a dozen people, it is definitely cozier than what we are used to nowadays.

Behind the house is the kitchen house. The kitchen was always kept separate in case their was a fire, you wouldn't lose everything.

And there is a magnificent stove in the kitchen.

The cane boiling shed had an interesting chimney on the side.

And of course there is the outhouse in back.

With several holes for different sizes and so there is not wait. Looks like you get a cool breeze on the behind, but that can feel very good on a hot day.

And one very big cedar tree in the front yard.

Near the first interpretive center of the park, is this very nice wagon.
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