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They're Back

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Yes, the salt water mosquitoes are back at the park. If only they had showed up a few days earlier.

Easter has the be the absolute worst weekend at the park. The campground is full, and with the worst possible kinds that we get: the Miami crowd and Canadians. Each year after it is over, there is devastation that takes us weeks to repair. The miamians literally destroy the park. The sink ripped off the wall and smashed into pieces is common. The dumpster is full to overloading. And the confetti and plastic easter grass on the ground of the picnic area is impossible to remove, and will be there until the next hurricane.

We ran out of space in the campground, and I called to Jack Shealy at Trail Lakes campground to see what he had left. (Also known as the Skunk Ape Research Center.) Jack just laughed at me in an evil sort of way.

Anyway, I don't want to see another living human today on my day off.

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