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Creek War Symposium

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Next month there is a symposium at Auburn University on the Creek War. Here is the link for the registration and information.


I would really love to go, but I calculated my expenses for that trip, and it would be over $500. That would include gas for the truck for the 1500 mile round trip, lodging, food, and conference registration. The easiest thing to pay would have been the $40 conference registration. The $200 I would need for gas, and the $200 for the hotel was the real killer. If you go to a conference like this, you have to stay in the hotel with the other speakers, because the contacts you make afterhours can be invaluable.

But I would be in hog heaven if I could go. I know some of the speakers (And probably have a slew of questions for them), they are giving lectures on subjects I would be interested in, and there is a tour of Horseshoe Bend battlefield afterwards. I have seen Horseshoe Bend a few years ago, but they now have a new (much needed) film in the visitor center, that some of the soldiers with the 7th Infantry participated in.
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