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Watch out for ticks

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Last week a lady called the park and asked about ticks. Fortunately, we don't have a problem with them here, like in other parts of the state. Probably because ticks are more into oak hammocks and pine uplands. I guess they don't like our swamp as much.

This lady said she was camping at Blue Springs, and the ticks were dropping everywhere. This actually happens every year around March or April, when they start to drop out of the trees. I once went on a hike in April on the Ocala trail, and thankfully I wore a wide-brim hat, because they were dropping on top of that.

One old home remedy that I would use to keep them off, was to rub sulfur powder around my ankles, waist, and other areas. But keep it away from your head. The powder is usually sold in drugstores under laxatives. It is good for keeping off chiggers as well. Didn't one of Jonathan Dickinson's ship mates die of chiggers? Or was that one of the soldiers in the Seminole War? It is said that Peter McQueen died of them too.

I don't know how the ticks are at Fort Cooper, but it is about the same distance up from Blue Springs, so be prepared this weekend if you are participating in the reenactment.
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On March 17th, 2009 12:59 pm (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
Ticks at Lanoche
Once I had tick at Lanoche before I even left the parking lot. I got out of the car and stopped to talk to somebody for a little bit. I felt something moving on my arm, looked down, and there was a tick in less than ten minutes! My lifetime Lanoche record for a single weekend is five. Yet they were not a problem when I worked there for a whole summer. - Rick O.
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On March 17th, 2009 11:22 pm (UTC), seminolewar replied:
Re: Ticks at Lanoche
That is because back then, they used to have the sulfur in the water. (Which is natural in Florida sources of water form springs and artiesian wells.) It was only after the put the treatment plant in camp about 1983 that it changed. The sulfur water was a natural repellent against ticks, mosquitoes, and chiggers. After they filtered the sulfur out, I had at least one tick episode a week on summer staff.
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On March 18th, 2009 01:17 am (UTC), connor_campbell commented:
i have never had a problem with ticks at Cooper, though i think i found one last year. i find the powdered sulphur in wal-mart in the gardening section. it will keep both chiggers and ticks away. one nice thing about the fire up in the Ocala national forest...it
ll do in the ticks and chiggers for a year or two! YAY!
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On March 18th, 2009 01:20 am (UTC), connor_campbell commented:
yeah, i wish people would get over the sulphur water thing...they won't believe it is good for them, and don't want to be patient and let it sit overnight in the fridge to remove the smell...wussies! LOL
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