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Seminole War vids on Youtube

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Well as I have shown, there were a number of videos on YouTube this year about Dade Battle. Unfortunately it doesn't look like anyone has posted one on Okeechobee this year. As least not yet. They said it went very well this year, with more reenactors and closer to what actually happened in the battle.

In the original battle, there is no mention of cannons being used, and no mention of Seminoles on horses at the battle. In the original battle, everyone was dismounted because of the marshy terrain, and the Seminoles had set an ambush in the hammock with careful preparation beforehand. The Seminoles had notched the trees to steady their rifles, and burned a swath in the sawgrass to make a clear field of fire and funnel the soldiers to where their guns were pointing. Col. Zachary Taylor fell right into their trap.

Although the Army eventually overwhelmed the Seminoles and gained the ground in the hammock where they were fighting, it was the highest casualty rate of any battle in the war, behind Dade. Less killed than Dade, but more wounded. About ten or eleven percent of Taylor's force of 1,200.

It helped out Taylor's career and reputation--one of the few high-ranking officers during the war which it did. But looking back on it today, it would be considered very questionable. He gained the ground that the Seminoles held, but with high casualties, it ended his campaign, and no clear objectives from the win.
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