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All the park rangers in Florida were ordered by the state to be fingerprinted. So we went in as one group to the sheriff's office to get it done.
As I walked up to get mine printed, the deputy asks me, "You got any ID?"
To which I answered, "-'Bout what?"
You can ask my coworkers, it really happened that way. They probably could not get me out of there fast enough.

Last week we had a few days of exotic treatment of brazilian pepper trees which can involve a lot of hard cutting and spraying. Thursday was a very big day with people involved from several agencies. Then on Friday we had the two mile, 25 lbs. pack test that we all had to walk in under 30 minutes, which we all passed.

So we were ready to have some fun and get some R&R. We had two ranger parties last weekend. Our ranger parties have involved rangers from as many as eight different parks at one time. One we had at the biker bar next door, and the next night in a nearby park. Modern bikers do not stand a chance when the rangers are there. Plus we probably spent $500 in food and drinks, so I think they will probably let us back in. And we are searching all the roadways for abandoned furniture for our next outdoor bonfire party. There is nothing as awesome as a foam couch flaming up and burning/melting within seconds.

National Geographic is filming another show about the Florida skunk ape, and will be broadcast sometimes in April. I am glad that they missed me because I don't want to become a celebrity mistaken for some of the sightings.

I had some very Muskogee-type of ceremonial type of things happen recently. I won't talk about it here, but it was really neat.

Park has been full and we have had water breaks in the pipes underground almost daily. And those bitchy Canadians are back. Why do they all have to come down at the same time?

The inauguration is today. I refuse to watch. Not because I did not support BH Obama. It is his turn to bat, and he can try a swing at things. I really do not care anymore. I refuse to watch because of the media orgasm going on right now. Yesterday I heard a tv news reporter say, "And we have had a change in government without violence!" Give me a break! When was the last time we had a change in government with violence? It happened twice--in 1776 & 1861-1865.

Note to self: don't drink a large coke followed by a milkshake right before bedtime. I forgot that is how you make an ice cream float, and it creates lots of bubbles that expand in the stomach. That is why I have been up for half the night. And I guess the jalapeno cheeseburger did not help it out either.
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