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Dade Battle

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Well it is good to see that they did fine without me this year. I think I might have to skip next year too, and go to Chalmette instead.

The attendance at Dade Battle Reenactment was a record this year. Saturday was about 3300, a few hundred over the previous record. I didn't hear Sunday's count; it was less, but still 50 percent over the previous Sunday record. So that is a good sign, even if the reenactors are a lot older than we were 20 years ago.

Steve Abolt said that the Seminoles and the soldiers are both looking real good with their impressions. Although there are a few that need a lot of work, but we always have to deal with those.

And there was one safety accident that was caused by someone on the field who was participating for the first time. We can't stop impressing enough about blackpowder safety and the need for everyone to attend the safety meeting. The accident was caused by someone who apparently didn't attend the safety meeting and walked on the field.

Somebody in the audience had a series of Youtube videos up that cover the whole battle. That is no small accomplishment. Here is part 4 of 5.

Link removed by owner to re-edit. It is posted again on above entry.

Kent Low does an excellent job of narrating. And you can see Earl dispatching Abolt. Unfortunately there are a lot of views of the back of people's heads, and waving around of the camera. But I wouldn't expect much from the audience just doing home videos on little hand-helds.

The Park Manager at Fort Cooper told me yesterday that it is a little disturbing when you can see your mistakes on video posted on Youtube right after the event. At the end, Kent says the battle was 172 years ago--it was actually 173! I probably would have done the same since the anniversary was 2008 and the reenactment was in 2009; it's easy to confuse. And in two years is the 175th, when I still remember the 150th very well!

We have been doing this event for 25 years, when most of the soldiers who died there were not older than 25. A couple of years ago, we figured out that the average age of the reenactors at the event is 54. It is humbling to think that I have been doing an event for half my lifetime or greater, which is longer than most of these soldiers lived their lives.
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On January 13th, 2009 05:14 pm (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
Several people commented how much the number of Seminole reenactors was down. The ones that were there made it a point to camp close together to better simulate a campsite. For example, Swamp Owl's camp, which used to be in the center of everybody was this time at one end, even though he is in the same place. The whole area around the former bonfire area was completely empty, including where Chobee, Sawgrass, and Farris always used to camp. On the other hand, most of the ones who weren't there were the kinds who might have been oput of place if they had been there. For example, I didn't see any cs. 1835 nylon chiffon neck scarves this time. - Rick O.
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On January 13th, 2009 11:26 pm (UTC), seminolewar replied:
Soldiers were down in number too. We aren't getting any younger. Sawgrass wasn't there either?
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